APA Mandarin


Bierbank Mandarin APA is an exclusive kind of light ale, notable for a remarkable tangerine flavour and aroma due to the use of aromatic hops of Azacca, Citra and Mandarina Bavaria types. Golden ale is filled with refreshing citrus and fruity tones, complemented with pleasing hop bitterness, it is best for drinking both in hot summer and on New Year holidays.

Ingredients: drinking water; malt brewing barley: light, caramel, dark; hop. Nutritional value of 100g of beer: carbohydrates - not more than 4.7g; energy value is 46 kcal (193 kJ). Mass fraction of dry matter in the starting wort 12%, alcohol content no more than 4.2% by vol. Store at a temperature of 2°C to 12°C in darkened, ventilated, odour-free rooms.