Honey beer


Thanks to the out-of-the-box-thinking of its brewers, BIERBANK introduced a unique technology of adding natural farm honey before the primary fermentation for the brewing of HONEY (MEDOVOE) beer. This technology allows achieving a unique silky taste with a honey flavour.

HONEY (MEDOVOE) beer is of amber-gold color and has a honey aroma, with a subtle hop flavour. Aftertaste: malt with vibrant honey flavour, IBU-20. It is recommended to drink from a glass of Bristol shape at a temperature of +6°С - +8°С. The beer is brewed on lager technology in a two-mash method of Bavarian malt from Weyerman and German hops from Joh Barth&Sohn; without enzymes, clarifiers, without chemical and physical interventions (forced filtration, pasteurisation, conservation) into the natural processes of brewing and bottling of beer. Low fermentation takes place in cylinder-conical tanks.

Light beer, draught, unpasteurized, unfiltered. Ingredients: drinking water; malt brewing barley: light, caramel, dark; natural honey; hop; yeast. Yeast deposit is allowed (May contain yeast deposit). Mass fraction of dry matter in the original wort: 12%. Alcohol content no more than 4.2% by volume. Nutrition facts of 100 g of beer: carbohydrates no more than 4.7 g, energy value 46 (193) kcal (kJ). Storage conditions: +2°С - +4°С.