Russian Imperial Stout - original


BIERBANK Stout is the strongest and most robust Belarusian beer, brewed on the occasion of the 10th brewery’s anniversary, the first national imperial stout. It is dark brown, almost black, with a beautiful, thin coffee foam. The aroma is bold, with intense hues of American hops, spicy and citrus, with tropical fruits, complemented with caramel and coffee flavours of fried and burnt malts. The taste is vigorous, strong, dry, burnt and bitter with the hints of fruits and dried fruits, bitter chocolate and coffee with cognac, warming, a little of spicy herbs (thyme) and a long aftertaste with hues of the old red port wine. Unique Imperial Stout is made for the most demanding fans of craft beer.

Dark beer, unpasteurized, filtered. Ingredients: drinking water; malt brewing barley: light, caramel, dark, burnt; hop. Nutrition facts of 100 g of beer: carbohydrates - not more than 8.6 g; energy value is 83 kcal (348 kJ). Mass fraction of dry matter in the original wort 23%, alcohol content no more than 11.5% by vol. Store at a temperature of 2°C to 12°C in darkened, ventilated, odour-free rooms.