BIERBANK brewed QUINCENTENARY beer in honour of the 500th anniversary of the Beer Purity Law (Reinheinsgebot) passed by the Bavarian Duke Wilhelm IV in 1516. The beer is brewed in the classic German style Munich Helles and is perfect for quenching thirst in the hot summer.

Quincentenary is the beer with a light hop aroma. Smooth malt taste with mild hop bitterness, IBU - 20. It is recommended to drink from a glass of Brighton shape at a temperature of +7°С - +8°С. The beer is brewed on lager technology in a two-mash method of Bavarian malt from Weyerman, German hop from Joh. Barth& Sohn, without enzymes, clarifiers, without chemical and physical interventions (pasteurisation, preservation) in the natural processes of brewing and bottling of beer. Low fermentation takes place in classic tanks.

Light beer, draught, unpasteurized, filtered. Ingredients: drinking water; malt brewing barley: light, caramel, dark; hop. Mass fraction of dry matter in the original wort: 12%. Alcohol content no more than 4.2% by volume. Nutrition facts of 100 g of beer: carbohydrates no more than 4.7 g, energy value 46 (193) kcal (kJ). Storage conditions: +2°С - +12°С.